New deadlines added

I am finding some more festivals with deadlines coming up in February, March and May, plus I added the Klik Animation Festival. This festival has a deadline in June.

best of luck,


Dead by Dawn (Scotland) rolling submissions
Showcases the best independent Horror, through a variety of short and feature programmes. Audience Award for Best Feature and Best Short, Cutting Edge short film competition. Screeners should be DVD (NTSC or PAL)

Nomadic film club (ongoing)
A non-commercial journey of one film vagabond (guru) or a group of film vagabonds along the film routes. During the journey they gather, screen and shoot independent films. Cinema Gaff is a means of communication between independent filmmakers, film festivals and film societies. Film vagabonds represent the ideology that is free from political or religious doctrines. They stand for peace, love, ecology and personal freedom. Anyone sharing the ideas and values of the cinema gaff and accept its rules can join it. Vagrant musicians and artists are also welcome.The route is based on the film festivals, film societies film cafes or just friendly invitations.
Film vagabond moves on foot, hitchhiking, water-hitching, air-hitching, horse-drawn hitching, by bicycle, rowboats, sailboats or even air-balloons. Car driving, catching a cab, staying at hotels is possible only in case of emergency or for the seniors, disabled or juvenile fellow travelers.

Shining Light Film Festival (Indianapolis, IN) 2/28/13 note: festival fees dropped for 2013!
The Shining Light Film Festival recognizes filmmakers and films that bring awareness of mental health, the realities of mental illness and the good news that recovery is possible.

Golden Anteaters (Poland) 3/15/13
Short films, under 30 minutes. We appreciate anyone who tries to express themselves through independent cinema, we reward those who do it best. Films will be awarded in many categories. Tradition of Lublin Independent Film Festival Golden Anteaters is inventing some crazy categories. Submissions from amateurs, students, graduates and independent filmmakers. Winners get Gold Anteater statuette. Fill out application form, submit file sharing link through email, or DVD by mail.

Festival Alto Vicentino, (Santorso, Italy) 3/19/13
Short films, any subject. DVD submission by mail, contact them for information about online submission. Awards are  given for the best work in competition with a money prize of 500€, as well as five additional mentions (best director, best editing, best photography, best screenplay and best actor/actress) to as many short films.

American Conservation Film Festival (West Virginia) 5/1/13* submit through without a box, note: free submission for student entries only
ACFF promotes and presents its unique branding of conservation film by presenting outstanding films that have a new and unique viewpoint on a topic, which will provoke thought about the viewer’s fundamental understanding of themselves, the environment, and our culture. All the films ACFF presents ultimately explore individual’s and society’s relationship with the natural world and our efforts to conserve what we can, and how we cope with what we can’t save. This can be achieved by presenting films that deal with and show: The myriad ways humans interact with wildlife and wild places, Issues driven by natural resource conservation, Humans as part of the environment, and/or living in a continuum of cultural tradition, Conservation of cultures, communities, and or lifestyles in conjunction with changes in the natural world, How youth encounter and understand the natural world

Klik Animation Festival (Amsterdam) 6/01/13
Films not selected for the screenings they try to find a way to show in foyers, etc. (submissions open 3/1/13)

Rozafa Animfest (Skhodra, Albania) 6/10/13
Focuses on animation for children and youth (and films made by children and young people). It will celebrate its 2013 edition between 23 and 28 September (Skhodra, Albania), and invites entries for animated films in the following categories:  International Session of the Short Artistic Film and Animated Film made by students. International Session of the Animated Film for children (humor, adventure, comedy, aktion). International Session of the Short Artistic Film for youth (humor, adventure, comedy).International Session of the Short Artistic Film for children (humor and adventure).The International Section of Schools of Animated Films made by children under 16 years old.

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