Mirrors of the mind

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Mirrors of the Mind 02/01/13
Talbot Rice Gallery invites submissions of short video works that explore the surreal and elusive nature of dreams.
To coincide with the current Zoe Beloff exhibition A History of Dreams Remains to be Written, we are looking for experimental works that consider Sigmund Freud’s explanation that, in dreams ‘condensation, displacement as well as dematerialization of ideas are at work: Time is fluid and malleable, we can be any age, at any time, we can travel through fantastical landscapes.’
Beloff’s exhibition contains a selection of ‘Dream Films’ made by the Coney Island Amateur Pyschoanalytic Society between 1926-1972. Using the newly invented hand-held camera, and inspired by Freudian notions such as the ‘train of thought’, ‘sadistic symptoms’, ‘infantile impulse’, and ‘hysterical phobia’- the group created dark and surreal evocations of their dreams and held regular screenings and competitions to review their works.
Mirrors of the Mind asks contemporary artists to revisit this process, using new technology and techniques available today to capture and reveal their own oneiric wonderings and wanderings.
A selection of entries will be shown at Talbot Rice Gallery in a screening event to close the Zoe Beloff exhibition on Saturday 16 February.

A wider selection of entries will be hosted and promoted through the Talbot Rice Gallery website.


Videos can be made using filmed footage, found footage, animation, text and/or image.
Maximum duration: 5 minutes
Deadline: Friday 1 February 2013

Submit as a .mov / Quicktime file via WeTransfer to stuart.fallon@ed.ac.uk

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