Festival Profile: Norbert G. Suchanek & Marcia Gomes de Oliveira, International Uranium Film Festival

Some film festivals support important causes. One such festival is the International Uranium Festival, which is now entering its second year. The festival has raised awareness about nuclear energy. While the festival takes place in Rio de Janeiro, it also travels to other locations for screenings. I recently conducted an email interview with the executive director, Marcia Gomes de Olivera. When asked about the audience for the festival, she replied, “The nuclear issue is an issue that affects everybody in all countries! And everybody has to know about it”. Perhaps they will inspire filmmakers of all genres to create films about the subject. I wish them luck in their endeavors.


Foto: Marcia Gomes de Oliveira

What are your names and the name of the festival you organize?
Directors: Norbert G. Suchanek & Marcia Gomes de Oliveira, International Uranium Film Festival / Urânio em Movi[e]mento

Can you give a little background about your festival? Why it started, when it started, where it is located, how many days it is and the focus?
We started the festival in 2011, the first time in Rio de Janeiro. The festival is to inform about total nuclear energy chains and about all radioactive risks and problems. It starts from Uranium mining to Nuclear Waste, from Atomic Bombs to Nuclear accidents. The location is Rio de Janeiro, Cinema of the Modern Art Museum – MAM Rio.  It is in general 10 – 14 days.  We screen all films – documentaries, short and features, fiction movies and animated films. Also the festival wants to be a think-tank: a home for the filmmakers that deal with that often very dangerous and sometimes deadly subject.  They simply often risk their jobs or their lives, if they tell the truth about the nuclear risks. For example: This year Filmmaker Magnus Isacsson died of cancer, he made one of the most important films about uranium mining in Canada. During the film festival in Rio de Janeiro, the nuclear filmmakers exchange their visions and experiences. The festival of course wants to give more visibility for these; for mankind important films and filmmakers. For example Nuclear Waste of nuclear power plants, that we produce every day, is a danger for humanity for the next 100.000 or more years.  We should not forget this. So the festival also is about not forgetting these risks.

What is it like to attend your festival? Who attends your festival?
The festival is for all people between 15 and 115 years. Because the nuclear issue is an issue that affects everybody in all countries! And everybody has to know about it. For that we have also travelling Uranium film Festivals.  January 2012 we have been in Portugal, Lisbon, and October 2012 we have been Germany, Berlin.  And soon in 2013 we intend to go also to India.

What is the submission process? Post or online submission?
The submission is by Post. We prefer DVD as preview copies at the moment. But in future we will have also online submission.

Why is the festival free to enter?
Not all filmmakers are rich. Some filmmakers have less money but (what they have) produced (is) important. We do not want to exclude someone only because of the lack of money. The call for entry for the festival next may 2013 is open until January 31, 2013.

Anything else you would like to add?
Our festival is an independent Festival. We make our decisions free of any pressure from companies or governments. But of course the festival needs financial support from individuals and sponsors. Without support from social or environmental responsible people and companies the festival cannot continue.

The participation of filmmakers and artists like Yoko Kumano (left) is one important part of the festival. The “nuclear” or “atomic” filmmakers can exchange or share their experiences with each other and with the audience. Foto: Yoko Kumano and Uranium Film Festival General Director Norbert G. Suchanek in the Cinema of the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro, MAM Rio.

Norbert G. Suchanek
Diretor Geral Uranium Film Festival

Marcia Gomes de Oliveira
Diretora Executiva
Uranium Film Festival

Entry Address
Uranium Film Festival
c/o Marcia Gomes de Oliveira
Rua Monte Alegre 356/301
Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
CEP 20.240-194
Phones + 55 (21) 7207 6704; 2507 6704

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