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I started a list of festivals with no entry fee several years ago as a resource for media artists, particularly my students. At the start, I found a couple of articles listing festivals without entry fees. These articles were a helpful starting point, but as I looked, I found many more festivals out there.

Over the past two years, I have continued to add to my no entry fee  list of festivals, competitions and other exhibition opportunities. Recently I have evolved this list into a blog for animators, video artists and digital filmmakers, whether they are students, amateurs or professionals, who are looking for opportunities to screen their work.

Many of the festivals are international. A word of caution: these are not for procrastinators. While it can be inexpensive to send a dvd or cd in advance, it can be incredibly expensive to send it overnight. (As an example, the cost to mail a dvd overseas from the US can range from 1.40 if mailed well in advance, (regular post) to 100.00+ to overnight at the last minute.) Some festivals have an online submission option. Some festivals that charge to submit online have free submission for students, but need to be mailed.  Some online submissions still require that a dvd is sent after the online application).

best of luck,

tracy miller-robbins

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