The Chronicle Project

To those of you who are DP/Filmmakers/Cinematographers-
I don’t know how many of you saw or remember Koyannisquatsi- but there is a current film project in the works that you may be interested in- I have posted the pdf on the project. It is beautifully done and compelling. The contact information/email is at the end of the post. The final project will be a feature length film about the pandemic.
stay safe and be well,

 “CHRONICLE: A CINEMATIC PORTRAIT OF HUMAN EXISTENCE DURING THE GLOBAL COVID-19 PANDEMIC- In just a few months, the entire world has been turned upside down, profoundly affecting our personal and professional lives. In most places on earth, everyday life and work has been put on pause. Many of us have been quarantined to our homes, where we stare at our screens to what is appearing on the news to all of our countries and to our peoples. The streets are largely empty except for the workers who must go out, and for the sounds and lights of sirens, like in the films we’ve seen and made. What is happening now is unfolding all over the world – a global phenomenon shared by the entire world.
No one is untouched by this pandemic.”


Click to access CHRONICLE%20-%20FINAL%20Compressed.pdf


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