Update- Please support MIAF

Update: Malcolm Turner contacted me to let me know that they did make the minimum of ticket sales and things are looking better at the moment. I’m not sure there is a definitive answer yet about the festival’s future, but I wanted to pass on that for those of you who bought tickets, it did make a difference.

We are all in this together.


original post:

I am asking for help for MIAF  (Melbourne International Animation Festival) a festival that makes a tremendous impact in the animation community. Malcolm Turner, the director of the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF), feels strongly about not charging fees to artists. This year, based on a clerical glitch, funding was delayed. The decision was made to cut the marketing, such as posters and the catalog.

Most festivals that do not charge an entry fee, rely on ticket sales. Sadly, if it does not cover the costs to rent the venue, this might be the last MIAF.

If you are not familiar with the festival, it is an 8 day festival that receives around 4,000 submissions a year, which are narrowed down to around 450, and screens a very wide range of approaches. The MIAF Website is here, check out the day by day program to see what an amazing festival it is.

So- if you are in Australia, please attend MIAF.

However, if you are not in the area, you could still purchase even just one ticket (online) to help save this festival. Tickets can be purchased on line here: tickets




One thought on “Update- Please support MIAF

  1. Hi Tracy, this is so sad. Thanks for letting me know. I just bought a ticket to show my support. I hope that it helps. Cheers, Catya

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