Animation Show of Shows

I wanted to share the new Kickstarter campaign for the  Animation Show of Shows. The Animation Show of Shows was founded by producer Ron Diamond in 1999 to showcase the best new animated short films from around the world.

The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows was an incredible milestone,” says founder Ron Diamond. “For the first time, the showcase of 11 shorts and four mini portrait documentaries was presented in 47 public theaters in 4 countries, which gave general audiences the chance to see great animated short films on the big screen. With this new campaign, we hope to reach an even wider audience by increasing the number of venues and expanding our publicity to make sure that everyone can share in the magic of the short films in The 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows to be released this September.”

Please consider supporting the Kickstarter to bring these animated short films into local theatres. Link to Kickstarter here

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