Recent Additions

We Care Film Fest 01/15/16
The WE CARE Film Fest is held annually to raise awareness about disability issues, dispel misconceptions and prejudices about persons with disabilities and drive attitudinal and behavioural change. This year, the selected short films and documentaries will also be screened in France, Iran, Kuwait and Oman.  Online or by post. (preferred)

The WE Film Festival 3/21/16
We’re an open concept, multi-media festival in Maastricht, Netherlands. For the first time, this year, we are hosting a Film festival!  We’re going to do a three day long film marathon in multiple locations in the city with an opening & closing, a viewer’s award and Q&As for all the films we can.  We are open to any sort of genre, as far as the story you’re telling is well told and fluent with the mood of the festival as a whole. Online submissions.

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