updates for the new year…

Still working on updates and posts. I have been really busy with holidays, etc, but I finally have a chance to update.


Sehsüchte Film Festival 01/23/15
Sehsüchte is the largest international student film festival in Europe. As well as an audience-centric festival and meeting point for upcoming international filmmakers. Every year, Sehsüchte is a centre of attention for filmmakers from all over the world. Our goal is not only to offer young, upcoming filmmakers a forum for their films, but also to stimulate exchange amongst each other, as well as with top professionals from the film and media industries. DVD submission.

The international short film festival 20min|max (Ingolstadt) 02/02/15
20min|max announces an international competition for cinematic expressivity, autonomous formal style, impressive stories – ergo: artistic synthesis of direction, montage and rhythm, sound and light will be presented and awarded. All genres are admitted, from experiments to fiction, from animations to documentaries, music clips and video art – do as you like – only don’t exceed 20 minutes! option of reelport entry or by mail.

Sardinia Film Festival (Italy) 02/15/15
Sardinia Film Festival accepts works by filmmakers without gender restriction, theme and format. Send DVD and application form by mail.




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