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Hi all,
Some more updates, however, I did not see any fee on the Bicycle film festival. In the past there has been no fee, but it is listed on film freeway and it does not indicate whether it has a fee. Perhaps it would tell me if I were to submit, but I have not. If anyone can confirm for this year, I will update post. thanks.

best of luck,


Tabor Film Festival (Zagreb) 01/13/15
Short films, any genre, 30 minutes or less. Online submission.

Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 03/03/15
The SIGGRAPH 2015 Computer Animation Festival is gearing up to add another outstanding show to its legacy of creative expression through innovative computer-generated animation and visual effects. This international showcase of storytelling and graphics craftsmanship will inspire students and professionals alike, and now is your chance to be part of it! Comprised of student projects, game cinematics, blockbuster visual effects, animated shorts and features, and much, much more, this is sure to be the highlight of the SIGGRAPH 2015 experience – a show you will not want to miss! online submission.

Kalamazoo Bicycle Film Festival (Michigan) 04/20/15
This program is a collection of short bicycle films. The films are for, about and inspired by bicycles. Other than that there are no other content or film style restrictions. The films will be chosen for quality of production, uniqueness and program variety. All entries are submitted through FilmFreeway.

Curtas International Film festival (Portugal) 05/22/15
*Note: only Take One! Competition has free submission.
Online submission.

Student Academy awards 06/01/15 * will launch end of january
The purpose of the Student Academy Awards competition is to support and encourage filmmakers with no previous professional experience who are enrolled in degree-granting programs and accredited colleges and universities as full-time students.  While professional advice may be requested and given during the making of student films, the Academy does not allow for any hands-on involvement by professionals in key positions, including but not limited to, directors, producers, camera persons, editors, writers or production sound mixers.  Professional actors, however, are exempt from these restrictions.  The Academy reserves the right to disqualify from competition any entry in which such professionals have had undue influence.

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