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Golden Anteaters (Poland) 3/01/14
Short films, under 30 minutes. We appreciate anyone who tries to express themselves through independent cinema, we reward those who do it best. Films will be awarded in many categories. Tradition of Lublin Independent Film Festival Golden Anteaters is inventing some crazy categories. Submissions from amateurs, students, graduates and independent filmmakers. Winners get Gold Anteater statuette. Fill out application form, submit file sharing link through email, or DVD by mail.

Angelholm International Video Art Festival (Sweden) 03/01/14
the purpose is to create a new, alternative, peripheral meeting point for emerging and established video and media artists from all over the world. submissions by post- above is the date received, not postmark.

Festival de Cannes 3/3/14
note: there is no fee for short films. Some requirements include: Films that have not been shown on the Internet, under 15 minutes in length, including credits. DVD submission.

Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival (Ankara, Turkey) 03/10/14
The festival is an international organization where feature length, short, documentary and animation films by women directors from Turkey and around the world are presented to the audiences within the framework of specific themes, panels discussions and exhibitions.

DIY Film Festival (Poland) 08/30/14
DIY FILM FEST is the first and the only cyclic movie event focusing entirely on counterculture and its creative influence on surrounding reality. DIY FILM FEST also attempts to redefine certain ideas and concepts. It is a homage paid to creativity devoid of particularistic and capitalistic values, as well as an invitation to everyone appreciating independent culture to document and archive its signs and achievements, assuring that they would get to wider audience. Email about submission.

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