January 15th deadlines…

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 1/15/14
Feature films. Focuses on cinematographic works in the fantasy, science-fiction or thriller genre and to promote the worldwide development of the film industry towards the professionals and towards the public. The festival will take place in April 2014 at the Center for Fine Arts in the heart of Brussels. Submit screener by DVD.

Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival 1/15/14
The Festival caters to the art of short filmmaking that visualizes some aspect or aspects of Iranian “Heritage”, which includes the arts, culture, history, crafts geography, cuisine, and lifestyle. Calling on individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life to submit short films, less than 9 minutes in length, visualizing some aspect of Iranian art, culture, and heritage, that will inspire and spark the audience’s interest in learning more about Iranian culture. Submit link to film.



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