Festival updates…

Primanima 2013 (Hungary) 08/20/13
submit by post or upload. World festival of first animations- graduate films, workshop films made by students and first films made by young professionals

Viral Video Award (Berlin) 08/31/13
Video must have been conceived for the internet, not more than two years old and not more than 10 minutes long. Submit URL. As well, you can pass along any that you think should be considered. A jury will select the best virals from all entries submitted, to participate in the online audience election. Films will then be seen and voted-for at our website. Parallel to and independent of that selection process, virals will also be under the scrutiny of an expert jury consisting of industry professionals. All films which make it to the online-voting stage will also be presented on the big screen during the interfilm Short Film Festival.

Queen City Film Festival 9/3/13
The second (annual) Queen City Film Festival will be held September 26-29, 2013. Entry form (coming soon) will contain additional details. You must submit by mail on NTSC DVD or Blu-ray disc. No other formats will be accepted. Submissions will not be returned.

Videomedeja 16th International Video Festival (Serbia) 09/15/2013
Like previous years we are looking for new video art works and short films, media installations, live audiovisual performances, network based projects. In addition, we are very glad to receive proposals from curators and producers/distributors for the non-competitive special screenings.

Animateka Film Festival (Slovenia) 09/15/2013

SkenaUp International Student Film and Theatre Festival (Kosovo) 09/15/2013
SKENA UP is announcing an open competition for film and theatre students from all over the world.  If you want to join one of the biggest students film and theatre festival and wanna explore Prishtina and the art scene please submit your film or theatre piece.

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