Short Short Film Festival

Short Short Film Festival 10/1/13
Films must be longer than 1 minute and shorter than 6 minutes, including all credits. All films must tell a story; this excludes public service announcements, trailers, music videos, non-narrative experimental pieces, etc. Whether a piece is truly narrative is at the discretion of the submission review panel. All genres and styles are accepted, including live action, documentaries, animation, drama, comedy, children’s films, science fiction, horror, GLBT, etc. SD-DVD format, PAL or NTSCDVD accepted, but prefer electronic submission.

4 thoughts on “Short Short Film Festival

  1. i was really surprised that several organizations ask for DVD’s send by post – in most cases a degradation of video works – and even refuses Full HD films – – as if we have to go back to the former century – – just at thought

    1. Ferrie,
      Perhaps I am missing something- could you explain how a movie file sent on a DVD (data disc), would be a degradation of the work? As for the HD issue, I imagine that some festivals are just not equipped to screen HD works.

      1. Tracy,
        many organizations ask for DVD (in DVD format) in stead of a digital file – digital files are much easier to transport by wetransfer or dropbox many times cheaper then sending a DVD by mail – the one in your blogpost ask for Video_TS files on DVD – that kind of files are 576px
        all modern cinematographers work with Full HD 1920px
        their DSLR camera’s produce that format

        why degradate that format to a third because of old equipment?
        my opinion: i refuse to downgrade my work.

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