March Deadlines, just added

Appearances (Provincetown, MA) 3/3/13
The Provincetown Conservation Trust is spearheading a not-for-profit arts event – “Appearances” – to take place in the spring. “Appearances” is a “Green Arts Festival”, bringing awareness to our community and visitors of the majesty and fragility of our environment, as well as showing the strengths of the naturally occurring energies that can be harnessed – such as wind, sun and water – by creating kinetic artworks, recyclable artworks and works that will be transformed by the elements during the duration of the event, as well as ecocentric works from other artistic disciplines such as painting, photography, poetry, readings, short films and performance art exhibited or performed at sites throughout Provincetown. Outdoor sculpture/installation submissions are strongly encouraged and will be displayed on Provincetown Conservation Trust sites and other settings.

Ohio Shorts (Columbus, OH) 3/22/13
Wexner Center.One entry per person. DVD, Vimeo or YouTube link and entry form. Pieces must be independently produced, no longer than 20 minutes, and produced in Ohio within the last 18 months.

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