Lightworks (Grimsby, UK) – Commissions

Lightworks (Grimsby, UK)

Call for expressions of interest: Register now for Lightworks commissions.

Lightworks 2013, on Friday March 15th 2013, will be the fourth in the series of new media festivals to take place in Grimsby town centre. This year the festival will mainly take place in and around Grimsby Town Hall, Grimsby Central Library and Abbey Walk Gallery.

Calls for work for sound and film, and for our new Sound & Vision salon will be published in mid-January.

A range of commissions will also be confirmed in mid-January 2013, when we have confirmation of our funding. Fees for the commissions will be published at that point. We will be seeking formal commission proposals only after that date.

Currently we are asking artists and creatives to register with us so that we can speed up the process of finding artists to take up these commissions. Please send us an email now to with the following details if you wish to be considered for the commissions.

1. Your name

2. Your postal address and preferred email

3. A link to your work (website, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud)

4. The opportunity, or opportunities, you are interested in and a very brief (50 words) outline of how you might approach it.

5. A short biography of you and your creative interests (mainly for publicity but also helpful to let us know more about you). A CV wouldn’t hurt either.

Commission Opportunities:

Commission 1: External Creative Projection Mapping Commission – we will provide technical support and install this. We are looking for an imaginative response to the challenges and possibilities of projection mapping.

Commission 2: Sound Commission – will be installed in a gallery-type context using a sound system. We are happy to consider all types of sound work, whether sonic art, voice or experiments in composition. We will be happy to think about live sound, but there will be a limited budget.

Commission 3: Film Commission – will be projected either on the outside or inside of the venue. This could be filmed or animated, abstract or narrative.

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