The animation Showcase (ongoing)
Every 3 months different deadline for free submission, free submissions last a week usually.  The animation Showcase is a curated quarterly screening event, based in London and travel in Europe and America once a year with its special Best Of the Year selection. The animation Showcase helps to promote animated films and its filmmakers in the world, and bring it to the creative industry, animation studios and general audience. (Website is a work in progress, full version will be online soon) FilmFreeway submission

Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects
Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects brings back into light the skeletons hidden in our cultural closets.  The free online journal welcomes writing and other creative productions about lost objects and images of material culture: sculptures and paintings in the back rooms of museums or in hidden corners of public spaces; murals forgotten in plain view; lost photographic archives and restored films; newly discovered letters or manuscripts; knickknacks in attics; oddities and curiosities in misbegotten sideshows; forgotten stories that remind us of pasts that we cannot afford to forget.

Portsmouth Short Film Night (New Hampshire) ongoing
Have you made a short film? Do you want to share it with an audience? Is it a documentary? Sci-fi? Comedy, horror, drama, animation, or experimental? Or something else entirely? Then we want to see it! We’ll consider any kind of film, as long as we feel it has the potential to interest an audience. Because meeting the filmmakers is an important part of the evening, we’ll give preference to those who can be present to talk with the audience about their film, but we’re also very interested in showing inspiring work from around the world. Since we receive many more films than we have time to screen, we might not be able to screen your film this time, but we’ll keep it in mind for the future.

The Archeology Channel Film Festival (Oregon) ongoing
The Archaeology Channel is interested in partnering with makers of films about archaeology, indigenous peoples, and related subjects. Whether you are a film or video producer, an archaeologist, or a representative of an indigenous group, we offer you an opportunity to show your work to a worldwide audience of thousands of viewers each month. We are particularly interested in material that shows ongoing research, interpretations of past human lifeways, and glimpses of existing cultures that illustrate the wonderful diversity of the human experience, in an entertaining, accurate, respectful, and educational way.

In 2004 we founded Stash Media on a simple idea: showcase exceptional motion design, visual effects, and animation projects and the people who create them. Filmmakers can submit their films for consideration.

shots showcases only the very best work that pushes the boundaries and displays creative excellence. If you want to submit work to the shots editorial team for consideration, please send a streaming or download link to along with an accompanying press release and images where available.

Toonboom Showcase(ongoing)
Show us your amazing animated creation made with Toon Boom software and we will proudly share it here on the Showcase! Your submission should be a reflection of your talent and skill but Toon Boom Animation reserves the right to refuse a submission. Please only include one animation per submission. You can also submit multiple times.

Moss Icon (Ongoing)
Moss Index is a bi-annual screening series that shows films/videos about looking at nature (“nature”), interacting with the environment (“the environment”), and investigating the border regions where the human and the not-human intersect. An invitation to look at the environment might usually imply a certain political goal, but we are interested in starting further back: decolonizing our ways of seeing and imagining alternative socio-ecologies. Plant-vision, inter-species encounters, unmapping, wet thresholds. This is not a green film fest. Moss Index is curated by a group of filmmakers and artists, based in San Francisco. Programs are selected from newly submitted and/or previously submitted work. Screenings take place at Artists’ Television Access in San Francisco.

Pop up Anthology ongoing
PopUp Anthology is a monthly screening series that highlights the work of local filmmakers and encourages audiences to support local storytelling. All screenings include a Q&A and reception after the event. PopUp Anthology’s home base is located at Artworks Trenton in Trenton, New Jersey.

Emerge Microcinema (Cleveland) ongoing screenings
We are seeking independent films of any length and any genre, with a focus on locally (Northeast Ohio) produced films.

Queer Moving Image Review (ongoing)
Queer Moving Image is an online exhibition space designed to showcase queer artists working in time-based visual media. We accept submissions on an ongoing basis. If you identify as queer lgbtq+ submit your work.

Pugnant Film Series (ongoing)
The Pugnant Film Series is a nonprofit organization that organizes screenings of underground, dada & auteur cinema in Athens & Greece generally. We exhibit film screenings on streets, on squares, on cafes, on archaelogical sites, on overnight shows, on nomadic events and of course on cinemas. We are looking for films from UNDERGROUND, AUTEUR and DADA era. This is a continuous call. There are no restrictions on the duration of the film, the year of production or the genre. But we prefer recently produced films.

VideoDrome ongoing
VIDEODROME is a London screening event dedicated to showcasing moving image artists of all styles and interests in a dynamic & interactive space. From traditional narrative shorts & animation, to video art and anything in between, the only thing to expect is the unexpected. VIDEODROME does not categorize or put a theme on our screenings. Different styles and mediums follow one another, letting all works stand out beyond their genre. ONLY THREE RULES: 1. Max 10 minutes, 2. Min 1 second, 3. Don’t be boring. Email submission

Ouf Of Focus Music + Video Festival ongoing
You can submit your music video or short film to our annual music video festival any time. To submit, just send a link, private link, or file to and let us know you’re submitting to our music video festival. Submissions are free. Due to the many submissions we receive we cannot guarantee a response, but if you are selected we will get in touch.

Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) ongoing
(Note: focus is on Ohio / Central Ohio artists) Attendance encouraged.Show on OSU Campus in Hagerty Hall 180. Download the form and send your high quality downloadable video link (no youtube links) or DVD at any time up to the deadline. Send in your new or old animations – videos – films, or propose an a/v performance. If it uses light and it moves it is fair game; video, film, animation, documentary, narrative, experimental, student, and professional. We aim to celebrate what central Ohio has to offer – with no time or subject constraints. If you would like to submit an entry online please email us at so we can make arrangements. CMIAR on Facebook

Samawah Cinema (Iraq) ongoing
In the city of Samawah, southern Iraq, a group of filmmakers are organizing free screenings of short films from all over the the world. To submit: Include – Vimeo movie link (and password if required) – Movie Poster – Director photograph – 4 Film Stills

Show me the Animation Student Showcase (ongoing)
We feature the work of a different student animator from around the world in our student showcase every thursday and since 2012 have featured hundreds of rising stars in the world of animation. If you are a student or have a graduation film that was produced in the last 18 months and would like to see it featured in the showcase then just let us know by filling out the form below.


Sada Short Film (Baghdad) ongoing A screening of short films every week, sponsored by the Iraqi Echo’s Association for Cinema and Theatre in Baghdad. The maximum duration of 30 minutes Send link to film with password. Production year. The country of production.Include: Image of director, Four images from the film. Movie Poster. Send materials via e-mail to

Docs In Progress ongoing
Docs In Progress® has been organizing screenings of documentary works in progress since 2004. After screening each film, Docs In Progress representatives moderate a feedback session with the audience. This honest and constructive feedback is aimed at helping the filmmaker get to the next stage of completing and distributing the film.


Silver Lake Picture Show ongoing
Showing short films prior to our feature films is one of our favorite parts of the Picture Show! We’ve shown dozens of short films to crowds as big as 2,000 people. It’s a lot of fun for local filmmakers to show their work on the big screen in front of friends, family, and strangers. So send us your short film and let’s make 2019’s short film line up as good as all of our previous seasons!

The Other Israel Film Festival (NY) ongoing submissions
The Other Israel Film Festival showcases the diverse and creative work of filmmakers of any nationality exploring themes around the Palestinian community, minority populations, and other under-served groups in Israel. We also seek films that more broadly provide new political and social perspective on Israeli life.

Journal of Short Film (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH) ongoing
A quarterly DVD journal containing 90-120 minutes of independent short film per volume. Peer-reviewed by filmmakers and scholars of film theory. Inclusive of all genres of film, favoring independent and underrepresented work. Sold at a low cost—$10/vol., $36/subscription. non-corporate and ad-free.

they are always looking for animations, illustrations, etc. character based, for future exhibitions, festivals, etc.

FlixStart (Mumbai)
International. FlixStart connects indie films from everywhere to filmbuffs in India. We are the perfect self distribution platform for emerging filmmakers to get their films out there – with a fair revenue share

Reel 13 Shorts, an online film competition.
Winning weekly film will be shown on Saturday TV program.

GAZE Film Series at Artist Television Access (San Francisco, CA)
a film series dedicated to screening independent film and video made by women

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute.
The Museum Education Department accepts video art on an ongoing basis to review for exhibition in the Art Odyssey Interactive Gallery. Video Art content must be suitable for visitors of all ages. The preferred format is DVD. The work should be formatted so that the DVD player can repeat it for continuous running on a single 20” monitor. Sound is limited to the built-in monitor speakers. The running time for the work should be no longer than 20 minutes. Shorter works or a series of short works are welcome. Please send work for review to the attention of Museum Education Director, April Oswald. Artists will be notified about acceptance of the work and exhibition dates. Only work (both accepted and not accepted) including self-addressed pre-paid return shipping envelope will be returned to the artist after review or exhibition. Accepted work will be shown for a minimum of three months. A museum label will accompany the work. Artists are welcome, but not required, to submit an artists’ statement which will also be displayed. For more information, please call 797-0000, ext. 2144.

Renderyard (ongoing)
Renderyard represents over 200+ international filmmakers of feature films, documentaries, and short films. We are always looking for great new movies of all genre and length. If you would like to get your work shown on our platform and earn money from the views then please send us a link to your full film for review. We have a non-exclusive agreement and share all revenue 50/50 with our content owners. (ongoing)
A platform where people could upload their reels to show off and to get in contact with people looking to hire people in the post production scene. You can create and manage your own personal profile, containing your showreels, CV, biography and other usefull information about yourself. Vimeo Links. (Because we are still in development stage we are allowing people to upload their CV and reels at no cost. This is subject to change in the future.)

Minute Festival (Brazil) ongoing
new deadlines opening continuously. One Minute Festival was created in 1991 and has inspired the breeding of over 50 “one minute festivals” all around the world. Since 2007, the Festival has become permanent and online. The Festival lanches themes and monthly rewards the best works. All the vídeos are evaluated by a team of curators. The trusteeship’s grade is expressed through the number of little clocks and the public`s grade is shown by the number of stars. One Minute Festival also could be called Ideas’s Festival, once idea is the most relevant criterion used in the vídeos evaluation.


      1. I don’t know if it always had a fee. I used to have it listed, and then I noticed the fee and removed it (this was a while ago).It may have started out free, I’m not sure. But I see the same fee you do.

  1. Frequency Film Festival is highly recommended! You guys should do a featured post on their great festival. They have worked really hard and have a lot of great people associated with it!

  2. Hello Tracy, I found your blog a few days ago, wow, it’s really great. I find lots of calls where they ask for money some I submit to once I have checked them out and if they are only asking for a few pounds. Others are complete rip off’s and some downright scams. Thanks a million for doing this. Cheers – Jem

    1. You are welcome. Since I focus on festivals without fees, there are very few scams. However, there have been some festivals (that I don’t think I have posted and would only do so on oversight) that ask for a fee for the trophy or award you have earned.

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