MARCH 2018

Supertoon International Animation Festival 3/1/18
SUPERTOON is an International Animation Festival taking place in Šibenik, Croatia. The purpose of the Festival is to systematically monitor and provide an insight into recent Croatian and world short-meter animation film and video production through a range of competition and side programmes. Additional aim is to create a platform for a direct communication and exchange of ideas and experiences for all festival participants and guests.

Animayo: 3/1/18
The Summit, Conference and International Film Festival of Animation, Visual Effects and Video Games Animayo, will hold its thirteenth edition in May 2018.

Euganea Film Festival 3/3/18
Euganea Film Festival: is a transient film festival, which crosses the Euganean Hills far and wide to give tangible and definite form to the many synergies (artistic, but not only) present in the area. Euganea Film Festival involves many municipalities of the Euganean area  and equally evocative locations such as villas and castles.

Clear the Air Film Fest 03/5/2018
The Clear The Air Film Fest showcases short films that address topics on air quality and lung health in the community. Limited to residents of California. Winners MUST be present at the screening and should be prepared to speak to the student filmmakers about their process.

Zlin Film Festival: International film festival for Children and Youth 3/10/18
ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL is the oldest and largest film festival of its kind in the world.  This is a significant international event which has an excellent reputation and holds lots of respect.  The festival screenings are conducted not only in Zlin, but also in many other towns in the Czech Republic.  Each year the festival presents around 300 films from more than 50 countries around the world.  Since 2010 festival attendance has exceeded 95,000 children and adults.

Anima Mundi: International Animation Festival 3/30/18
Anima Mundi was created in 1993 with the aim of promoting and disseminating animation in Brazil. In the same year the International Festival of Brazil was created and today is one of the largest in the world in terms of audience. Currently, Anima Mundi also carries out diver initiatives along the year in the areas of education, events and distribution.