JULY 2018

Underappreciated Moviemakers Festival 7/1/18
A festival intended to present works by moviemakers who’ve been making movies for at least 30 years without receiving much attention; have a large body of work that you don’t get credit for; have seen younger, richer friends imitate them & go on to well-paying gigs at places where the original is more likely to be confronted by security forces wondering why you’re there; who’re still controversial after decades of dedicated work; who find it almost impossible for you to get a screening anywhere; & whose work almost never written about.

DocuTIFF invites all documentaries from established and debut filmmakers alike to apply their films in International Competition and In Albanian Competition. DocuTIFF aims to encouraging documentary film production in Albania and to give more chances to our filmmakers finding cooperation and enabling mutual contacts with their colleagues in our region, to build up a favorable climate creation in Albania and wider in region for development and cooperation of such productions. DocuTIFF last year screened 180 films in three venues as well as in open air making it the largest film festival of its kind in Albania and one of the most important in the region. There are no entry fees for films in Albanian language.

Farhang Foundation Short Film Festival 7/23/18
The Festival caters to the art of short filmmaking that visualizes some aspect or aspects of Iranian “Heritage”, which includes the arts, culture, history, crafts geography, cuisine, and lifestyle. Calling on individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life to submit short films, less than 9 minutes in length, visualizing some aspect of Iranian art, culture, and heritage, that will inspire and spark the audience’s interest in learning more about Iranian culture. SUBMISSION OPENS APRIL 23RD.

DreamGalaxy Multicultural Audience Award 7/28/18
The first global multicultural audience award is now accepting stories in any language from any country each month. email: dream@thepearldream.com, Submit using this link.  

Bang Awards 7/31/18
Directed at digital arts and Multimedia, BANG combines new technology and the magic of animated films. It aims at bringing together different audiences, as are the films that we are sent. Our audience is truly wide and varied, since school children to adults looking for inspiration; from teenagers to whom new technology is the future, to senior citizens that allow themselves to be amazed by new worlds.