UPIKE Film & Media Arts Festival 1/02/22
We accept paid submissions for films and screenplays from across the world, but all submissions from Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia can be submitted for free. Additionally, students can submit to the early deadline of all our categories for free. This includes elementary level students all the way up the grad students in college.

Le Plein de Super1/5/22
“LE PLEIN DE SUPER” is a SHORT FILM FESTIVAL organized by the French association “La Boîte Carrée”. La Boîte Carrée goes ON TOUR by bus across FRANCE (Pays de la Loire) and PORTUGAL to bring cinema in small villages on the road. Le Plein de Super is a real opportunity (and most of the time the only one) for people and communities to discover short films and share unique moments.

Crossing Europe (Linz, Austria) 1/07/22* European or Austrian only
The goal of CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival is to give various perspectives on contemporary European cinema. The program focuses on innovative European films, which reflect current political and social realities of Europe‘s changing societies. We want to trace a cinema that tells of regional peculiarities and different conditions for living on this continent. We aim to open up new cinematic territories, which are under-represented in everyday movie business.

Sehsüchte Film Festival 01/09/22
Film festivals bring not only new, exciting and unique films into our orbit, but also the creative minds behind them.  It is exactly this aspect which Sehsüchte has passionately committed itself to for the past half century. As the biggest international student film festival in Europe, it has taken on a special place in the festival landscape. The next generation of filmmakers across the globe are given a platform to present their work to a broad audience and make contacts within the industry. Sehsüchte has always seen itself as a space for networking, a showcase of cultural diversity and a celebration of film and continues to do so today.

FISH- Filmfestival I’m Stadthafen 1/15/22
The national short film competition JUNGER FILM is the heart of FiSH. The partaking films have a maximum runtime of 30 minutes and the maximum age limit for the directors is set at 27 years. In the previous year, more than 400 young directors have submitted their short films to the annual competition. 30 to 40 of all submissions are then selected to be shown during the festival. What makes JUNGER FILM so special is the open and communicative atmosphere between filmmakers, the jury and the audience. Through said communication, FiSH becomes a school of speaking about films. After every screening the filmmakers are interviewed and after every film block the jury openly discusses the movies on stage, contrary to a lot of other festivals. This approach to film screening provides a direct path for criticism and praise between the directors, the actors and the audience.

CEE Animation Forum 1/16/22
The leading regional pitching, financing and co-production event. It aims to boost the international circulation potential of projects, as well as their visibility and access to a wider European market. With our growing professional network, we are building a strong community with the aim to support the projects, to boost the circulation of works and creative ideas, and the creation of new partnerships, to give media exposure to selected projects through various media partners, and to promote projects throughout the year, not only during the event, i. e. to follow the life of the project after the Forum as well.The main focus remains on the two most important Forum activities: the pitching of animated projects in development and 1:1 industry meetings.

Melbourne International Animation Festival 1/20/22
The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) is one of the largest animation festivals in the world. It usually screens around 400-450 films each year in competitive, panorama, student, curated and retrospective programs.

International Film Festival for Children and Youth 1/20/22
Only films for children & youth are accepted to the selection process. Amateur films, music videos, experiments are not accepted. Date of production: 2020 and later. We will consider shorts, features, and animations. Please send your entries through Film Freeway or via email to festiwal@kinolub.pl.

Kent County Teen Film Festival1/21/22
All Kent County teens in grades 6-12 are invited to enter films in the Kent County Teen Film Festival. A jury will review all submitted entries and select films to be screened at the festival. Prizes will be awarded for the best films in various categories. The Kent County Teen Film Festival is free and open to the public.

Vinilonga Film and Music Video Festival 01/22/22* see note
Welcome to Vinilonga! We are a friendly festival made with love by filmmakers. We like to think of ourselves as a costume party, changing dress codes every three months. We hold online and live exhibitions in the city of Buenos Aires on specially curated themes based on the entries. The themes vary widely, so we invite you to register with your short film or video clip from any date to participate. You can register with documentaries, fictions, experimental short films, video-dance, video-poetry, animation and any other hybrid work. Note: festival does not charge a fee for projects from African countries and Argentina, but does have a fee for all other categories.

Animayo  1/31/22
Animayo, first Spanish animation Festival names “Qualifying Festival” for the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the OSCAR® AWARDS. The winners of Animayo may be taken into account in the category of “Animation Short Film” will be eligible for consideration in the “Animated Short Film” of the Academy Awards® Exclusive for applying to works of 2d animation, 3d animation,special effects, experimental, advertising, animation spots, videoclips, video games cinematic, special effects series and animation series.

Krakow Film Festival (KFF), 1/31/22
International Competition. The Krakow Film Festival aims to review and promote documentary, short animated and fiction films. The films are screened in four competitions as well as non-competitive sections. The entry fee shall not apply to Polish films. In addition, films produced in the countries mentioned below may be exempted from entry fees (not applicable to films co-produced with countries not listed below): Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Camboia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo Dem. Rep., Cuba, Eritrea, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Kiribati, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Micronesia, Mozambique, Nepal, Niger, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria,Tajikistan, Tanzania, Togo, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Deadline for films made after 31 October 2021.

Vancouver Queer Film Festival  1/31/22 *early bird free deadline
The Vancouver Queer Film Festival is now accepting film submissions. We want films that confront stereotypes, push boundaries, arouse and tantalize, and above all, highlight the tremendous diversity of queer + trans* stories.

Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival 1/31/22
Invites professional and amateur filmmakers to submit for consideration films ranging from 3 to 60 minutes. Films should center on bicycle travel of any type, whether an organized tour or a solo exploration. The destination can be domestic or international. Film Freeway submission. Open for 2022. Watch 2021 festival online 3/18/21.

Gaia International Film Festival 1/31/2022
Gaia International Film Festival is the place to talk about food and its territories, societies and peoples, traditions, memory, and culture. A Festival that aims to promote the territorial identities of the whole world and to enhance their cultures and typicality through the cinematic narration of food and wine traditions. At the same time, the Festival aims to promote and enhance the talents of national and international independent cinema to allow them a fruitful exchange of experiences, direct comparison with professionals in the sector and the expansion of skills, as well as to increase the possibility of making themselves known from a wider audience.

1st River Meets Mountain International Film Festival 1/31/2022
RMMIFF is an organic kind of film festival as entire festival will be held in the middle of beautiful hilly river named the Karbi Langpi. Our screening will be done in the middle of the river. Viewers will experience the cinema with nature. The festival showcases short and documentary films from around the globe. RMMIFF will try to create an environment for the audience and filmmaker to experience cinema with nature.