Animafest Zagreb 2/1/17
World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb invites you to submit your films.
Short and feature animated films are eligible to apply via an online application form.

Pictoplasma- Character Animation Festival 02/01/17
Animation entries can be sent at any time, to be considered for future Festival screening programs. Should you be responsible for high-grade Characters in animation, narration, music visuals, experimental work or motion graphics, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.IMPORTANT: Please send us your work via download link, as Full HD Quicktime (Pro Res or H.264 codec).

Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania) 2/1/17
(TIFF) is organized by Romanian Film Promotion and it is the first international feature film festival in Romania. The main objective of Transilvania IFF is to promote the cinematic art by presenting some of the most significant films of the moment, films which exhibit not only originality and independence of expression, but also unusual forms of cinematic language and modern trends of the young culture.

Comic Con International Film Festival 02/01/17
Judged by a panel of industry luminaries, the CCI-IFF accepts genre-related films in the following categories: Action/Adventure, Animation, Comics-Oriented, Documentary (Pop Culture–Related), Horror/Suspense, Humor, and Science Fiction/Fantasy. 4 DVD’s- online not permitted.

28th Hamburg International Short Film Festival 02/4/17
the time has come to submit your shortfilm to the ISFF Hamburg 2016. Online submissions

Noisefloor 2017 2/6/17
Noisefloor is an interdisciplinary festival, which will showcase the work of local, national and international artists. Comprising a series of concerts, performances and screenings over 4 days, the diverse nature of the festival will provide opportunities for artists to explore the fluidity between the 5 themed concerts set out below. The Noisefloor festival would like to invite submissions for the following events: Fixed acoustic concert, Popular music and interactive systems concert, Visual music concert, Acoustic instruments with electronics concert, Experimental film screening.

Animocje International Animated Films Festival 2/6/17
Animated short film competition.

Pop up Anthology 2/6/17 *New Jersey or Philadelphia
PopUp Anthology is a monthly screening series that highlights the work of local filmmakers and encourages audiences to support local storytelling. All screenings include a Q&A and reception after the event. PopUp Anthology’s home base is located at Artworks Trenton in Trenton, New Jersey.

STIFF 2/7/17 * late deadline May 24th
San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival accepts films of any length or genre. Films from any country and in any language are accepted, but they must be subtitled in English or Italian. All films realized starting from January 2012 can participate. The first edition of STIFF is going to take place in June 2017 at Cinema Gobetti in San Mauro Torinese (Turin, Italy).

Rotary International Short Film Festival 2/7/17
Festival Contest, will be carried out in 4 categories ‘’Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental’’, only the appropriate films will be attending to contest.
The theme of the films applying to Festival Contest is unrestricted but the films about Rotary’s 6 main Philosophy which are WORLD PEACE, MOTHER AND CHILD HEALTH, CLEAN WATER AND HIGENE, PRIMARY READING AND WRITING, FIGHTING AGAINST DESEASES, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT will have priority in contest. Cinema changes nothing, but allows people to understand many things. It is not the films that will change the world, but people who watch those films.”

Lovett School High School Film Fest 2/9/17
Festival was created to encourage and inspire young filmmakers from around the world by providing them both a venue to publicly screen their short films and a place to connect with one another. Films must have a max running time of 15 minutes and have been written, directed and edited by teens ages 13-18.

Dead by Dawn 2/10/17
Dead by Dawn is the UK’s longest running genre film festival, established in 1993. It is a unique festival, celebrating the finest independent film-making with a focus on emerging talent. Our approach to horror is broad; story is paramount, as are humour, suspense and atmosphere. We welcome lifelong fans and the genre-curious to discover the breadth of unusual stories lurking under the ‘horror’ banner! Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…we have such sights to show you!

Gdansk DocFilm Festival (Poland) 2/10/17
Gdańsk DocFilm Festival, with its international nature, is a contest of documentary films and footages focusing mainly on:- situation of a human being as an individual as well as group of employees in the work environment,- personal activity and development in every form,- passion and creative activity,- human dignity, ethics and respect for human rights.

Green Film Festival in Seoul 2/10/17
We are open to fiction/non-fiction films and animation of all genres dealing with environmental issues.

Cineline International Film Festival 2/11/17
Feature and Short Films. We invite filmmakers, screenwriters, writers and composers to participate in an Cineline International Film Festival (CLIFF) that will take place on November 29, 2017 in Los Angeles. The Cineline International Film Festival focuses on and encourages the collaboration of artists. All submissions will be reviewed carefully by the jury members and the official selections will be screened at THE CREST CINEMA in Los Angeles, CA.

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2/12/17
Now accepting film submissions. Filmmakers / Producers / Distributors across the world are invited to submit features, documentaries and short films that highlight / focus on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) themes and expressions.

Emerge Microcinema (Cleveland) 2/12/17
Presents a night of (mostly) local short films and videos at Forest City Brewery. Plus brats & beer! We are seeking independent films of any length and any genre,
with a focus on locally (Northeast Ohio) produced films.

Festival du Film Merveilleux 2/14/17
Organized with support from the UNESCO, patronage ( United Nation Education scientific Cultural organization )/ it’s a unique festival celebrating wonder, dreams,imagination, magic, fables, fairy tales, poetry,  mystical and legendary, comics, the supernatural, manga, vampires, unicorns, fantasy, science fiction, video gaming, storytelling and innovation. Note: only accepts films made in France.

Kimera International Film Festival – (Italy) 02/14/17
KIMERA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2017 – The Night of the Living Shorts year 15 – SHORT MOVIES SECTION. The festival is open to competitors from all-over the world, with no exceptions

Montreal Underground Film festival 2/14/17
MUFF celebrates low-budget, experimental, underground filmmaking and promotes those who challenge the constraints and conventions of mainstream Hollywood. MUFF is a collective of independent filmmakers, writers, teachers and cinephiles committed to seeking out edgy films bristling with a sense of creative freedom, energy and experimentation. Films in any way affiliated with a major motion picture studio, and “calling-card” films (aka, slick, thinly disguised shout-outs to the commercial industry), are ineligible.

Annecy International Animated Film Festival (France) 02/15/17
Submit short films, commissioned films, TV series and specials and graduation films.

London Lesbian Film Festival 2/15/17
The London Lesbian Film Festival is a celebratory gathering at which we project our images, challenge our politics, and reflect upon our lives. The festival aims to portray the richness and diversity of lesbian experiences and to strengthen our communities. The Festival is held every year in London, Ontario, Canada. Online submission form. Submissions accepted ongoing.

Censured In Canada 2/15/17
CENSURED IN CANADA is a space for Canadian-based artists & films marginalized and rejected by Canadian festivals and institutions – whether it was due to a lack of the “right” credentials / connections; or the work challenges aesthetic / cultural / social norms. We premiered 21 films of diverse genres and styles in Jan 2015 for our inaugural festival.

First Nations Film and Video Festival 2/15/17
First Nations Film and Video Festival, Inc. (FNFVF Inc)  is a grassroots Native American film festival whose mission is showcasing works produced by Native American film and video makers and artists of all skill levels and to provide an appropriate venue for their works. First Nations Film and Video Festival is to advocate for and celebrate the works of Native Americans filmmakers and new works and films that break racial stereotypes and promotes awareness of Native American issues. All films screened are written and/or produced and directed by Native American artists from the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and Mexico.

TV One Screenplay Competition 2017 2/16/2017
The TV ONE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION 2017 is meant to encourage and promote the production of creative, contemporary, engaging and relatable screenplays that can be turned into original movies for television. The competition is meant to:
~ Encourage filmmakers to offer a fresh perspective and submit contemporary stories with a focus on the American black cultural experience with wide audience appeal.
~ Encourage filmmakers to creatively center around entertaining, heart-felt and relatable topics that resonate and appeal to African American audiences.
~ Expand upon the genres/formats that tell these entertaining stories. Genres include, but are not limited to comedies, romantic comedies, dramas, and family adventures (submissions should be non-period stories).

DocuTIFF is exited inviting filmmakers to submit their films in the third edition of 2017 festival, which will take place in Tirana, this coming May, 10–17, 2017. DocuTIFF invites all documentaries from established and debut filmmakers alike to apply their films in International Competition and In Albanian Competition. DocuTIFF aims to encouraging documentary film production in Albania and to give more chances to our filmmakers finding cooperation and enabling mutual contacts with their colleagues in our region, to build up a favorable climate creation in Albania and wider in region for development and cooperation of such productions. DocuTIFF last year screened 180 films in three venues as well as in open air making it the largest film festival of its kind in Albania and one of the most important in the region.

Tribeca Film Festival: Snapchat Shorts 2/17/17
The Tribeca Film Festival and Snap Inc. are excited to bring back Tribeca Snapchat Shorts, now an official Festival category, created in an effort to discover visionary artists in the mobile space. This new category provides the perfect opportunity for people who are passionate about Snapchat and narrative storytelling to present their mastery of the smallest screen. The Festival and Snap Inc. are excited to support the next generation of storytellers and promote creativity on Snapchat.

ACT Human Rights Film Festival (Fort Collins, Colorado) 2/18/17
Witness the complexity and beauty of human life, celebrate human resilience, and move human rights forward. Awaken Connect Transform. – Entries MUST come from students living in the INTERMOUNTAIN WEST REGION OF THE UNITED STATES (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico) Student work, 10 minutes or less, related to human rights.

VIDEOEX 2017 – Intl. Experimental Film & Video Festival, Zurich 2/19/17
VIDEOEX is the sole festival in Switzerland which explicitly focuses on experimental film & video works and presents these in a cinematographic context. VIDEOEX 2017 takes place from May 20th – 28th 2017

The WE Film Festival 2/20/17
We’re an open concept, multi-media festival in Maastricht, Netherlands. For the first time, this year, we are hosting a Film festival!  We’re going to do a three day long film marathon in multiple locations in the city with an opening & closing, a viewer’s award and Q&As for all the films we can.  We are open to any sort of genre, as far as the story you’re telling is well told and fluent with the mood of the festival as a whole. Online submissions.

Animator International Animation Festival (Poland) 02/20/17
Submissions are now open for Animator, short and feature films.

Fest Anča 2017 International Animation Festival 2/26/17
Fest Anča International Animation Festival has launched call for entries for its 10th edition. Animated short films, student films, music videos and films for children are among the competition categories. Fest Anča International Animation Festival, the only Slovak multimedia festival focused on animated film and digital games, is based in a former train station building, turned into a modern cultural center Stanica. Fest Anča’s purpose is to show contemporary, progressive animated films and commemorate the best of the genre’s history. International competition for best animated short film, best student film, best animated music video and best film for children – to be selected by our jury – are all part of the festival.

Minute Festival (Brazil) 2/28/17
Two categories: Free Theme & Animation. One Minute Festival was created in 1991 and has inspired the breeding of over 50 “one minute festivals” all around the world. One Minute Festival also could be called Ideas’s Festival, once idea is the most relevant criterion used in the vídeos evaluation.

Maremetraggio International Short Film Festival (Italy) 2/28/17

An International Short Film Festival Two sections in competition, a selection of the best International shorts and the most interesting Italian debut works recently released in cinemas. Maremetraggio section is a “best of the best” of short films. *seems to be typo next to feb. 28th (stated as 2016, should be 2017)

Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2/28/17
Our goal is to give to all directors and talented filmmakers as visibility as possible, this edition will not only be a competition, but also a festival and a party. In fact, our logic is to give the greatest possible visibility for short films that will come.

Durban International Film Festival 02/28/17
The Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) invites filmmakers from across the world to submit their Short, Documentary or Feature Fiction films to screen in the festival from the 16 to 26 June 2016.

GEABVEDIP AWARD    2/28/2017
Make a maximum one (1) minute Signature Commercial for an International Brand of Men’s casual wear. We are approaching a maximum one-minute video commercial for a casual men’s wear international brand. The video should include the empowerment of men, and it must portray that a man does not need to become a superhero to be the best, he can become a superhero by making his daily deeds successfully. And it should speak that you can become the best man in this world by being yourself. We will choose the best commercial out of all entries, and it would get a chance to become the signature video of the brand for their international promotion.

The Reel Puppetry Film Festival 2/28/17
Note: February 28, 2017 (Puppeteers of America Members’ Late Deadline) From extraordinarily polished films to the genuinely handcrafted productions, “Reel Puppetry” strives to showcase just a sampling of what is being created in the medium of puppetry during the National Puppetry Festival in July 17 – 22, 2017 at Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota.Each day of Reel Puppetry will showcase a number of films, offering a window into what is possible in this exciting medium. We hope you enjoy what you see, and that you will be inspired by what is out there and consider what might be possible for the future.

MakeDox (Macedonia) 02/28/17
Creative Documentary Film Festival. A young and rarely avant-garde festival celebrating the creative documentary film. One of the most powerful catapults for creating cinema audience in Macedonia. It overwhelms, they say, with its warmth and quality. The wonderful KurshumliAn vibrates with film stories, workshops and live performances, doc-talks under a magical fig tree and music under the night sky. Out in the open, every summer since 2010. *for films completed in 2015

Ploiești International Film Festival 2/28/17
PIFF’s 6th edition program includes: The Official Genre Competition (dedicated to fantasy, thriller, horror and science-fiction short films) Dark Comedy (off-competition section dedicated to dark comedies) War Zone (off-competition section dedicated to short films about war and revolution) Lovestory Special (off-competition section dedicated to unusual love stories). Destination Unknown (new off-competition section dedicated to road movies). Genre Animation (new off-competition section dedicated to fantasy, thriller, horror and science-fiction animated short films)