April 2022

Astra Film Festival (Romania) 04/1/22
documentary film festival. AFF is the place to see great documentaries, to feel the pulse of Romanian and Eastern European documentary film production,  meet fellow-filmmakers from around the world, debate upon major issues faced by documentarists while exposing real life and real people on the big screen, and interact with professionals and with an enthusiastic audience.

NAFF: Neum Animated Film Festival 4/1/22
Festival has two parts: Working part of festival where children can learn animation techniques and make their own cartoons and Competition part of festival where cartoons from all over the world are presented. Cartoon selection is done by children who attend the Working part of festival. They also make decisions about all awards except for Jury award.

FAITO doc FESTIVAL(Italy) 4/7/22
The theme is ESCAPES. For Charles Baudelaire, poetry is a kind of escape, a boundless universe which transfigures reality. And what about cinema? Could it be a means of escaping from everyday life and flying towards different horizons as well? Who escapes? The public or the artist? What is the connection between escape and freedom? How can we be free if from birth we are subjected to the gaze of others about our origins, our culture, nationality, or our body? How can we face life if we feel different? Is it possible to separate our inner soul from the role imposed by our society, from a one-dimensional definition of what women and men should be? How to escape from a prison? How to escape from a dictatorship, from an ideology? From addictions? From illness? From poverty? How to escape from a violent society? How to free ourselves from the chains of work? How do we escape from ourselves? Can we stay free and infinite by following the aspirations of our soul? What if the human being reached the dream, the “place where freedom reigns, where thinking shapes existence, where the impossible becomes possible”, along the risky path leading to escape, in the vision moving from our reality to a different one?

Five Minue Film Festival 4/8/22
The Five Minute FilmFEST is a FREE regional film challenge open to high school students located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Students in Berks County, PA have the opportunity to create their best work and compete against other students in the region for trophies, prizes, and well-deserved recognition! Our mission is to encourage talented student filmmakers and media arts enthusiasts to explore the art of filmmaking.

Choreoscope Barcelona · Bucarest Dance Film Festival 4/16/22
Choreoscope is the International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona. A unique event dedicated not only to those passionate about dance, but also to those who enjoy quality cinema. Born in 2013, with three full-house celebrated events, our goal is to promote the strong ties with art in general and with film and dance in particular. Filmfreeway

Cinema Culturas 4/19/21
CALLING ALL K-12 STUDENTS TO CREATE POSSIBILITIES, TO TELL THEIR STORY. CINEMA CULTURAS INVITES STUDENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN ITS “IMAGINATION: CREATING POSSIBILITIES” STORYTELLING AND FILM COMPETITION! Tell us a story that shows how you use imagination to create possibilities. Your short film can be science or non-science focused, and it can be in English or Spanish or any other language as long as it has English subtitles.

BOSIFEST 4/20/22
Submissions for BELGRADE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FOR AND BY PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES – BOSIFEST are now open. The topic is work and life of the people with disabilities.

Zero Plus International Film Festival 4/20/22
“0+” International film festival is aimed at: Promotion and popularization of high-quality films, which foster a positive, creative and formative worldview in children and young people, strengthen common human values like family, childhood, friendship, kindness, nature, love for a profession, etc. Integration of cinema and education by creating a collection of value-oriented films for carrying out educational screenings in schools and social institutions of Russia. Filmfreeway

International Short Film Festival of Bueu(Spain) 4/23/22
All kind of short films can participate in the festival, irrespective of genres (except documentaries). Works will not be more than 30 minutes long. Those short films whose language is different of Spanish or Galicien must be subtitled in one of them or in English.Participants can present the number of works that they want.

Mister Vorky (Serbia) 4/24/22
An international one-minute film festival, which shows, awards and promotes the best one-minute films from around the world, is held every year on March 17. 60 seconds (1 minute) , the initial and end credits. The aim of the festival is movies of all types (fiction, documentary, animation, cartoon, music, experimental, advertising … all art forms that worked Slavko Vorkapich – Mister Vorky ) from around the world. film freeway submission. note: 60 second competition is free

Autumn Shorts Film Festival 4/29/22* early deadline
Somerset Community College Theatre & Film is happy to welcome submissions for the 13th Annual Autumn Short Films Festival. Films must be no longer than 15 minutes in length and will be showcased at the 2022 event. Submission of film does not guarantee entry and there is no submission fee.

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 4/30/22
Short Film. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller