APRIL 2019

Matsalu Nature Film Festival 4/1/19
The Matsalu Nature Film Festival (MAFF) is an annual nature film event held in Estonia. It has been named after the nearby Matsalu National Park, which is one of largest bird sanctuaries in Europe.

All American High School Film Festival4/1/19* later deadlines are not free
This year New York City is hosting the second annual ALL-AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL FILM FESTIVAL, giving students a chance to showcase their short films on the big screen. Online submission preferred.

Magmart XI edition 4/7/19
Magmart | video under volcano is an international videoart festival, which over the years has seen the participation of more than 1400 artists from +80 different countries, with thousand submitted videos. The Festival is open to all international videoartists. Between all submitted video, will be done a final selection based on vote of a Jury composed by experts. Any author can participate with max 5 video.

ARKIPEL International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival is a part of Forum Lenteng program.  ARKIPEL takes place in Jakarta, on August. Submission to the Festival is open to short and feature length documentaries, experimental documentaries and innovative visual documentary productions. Applicants can submit more than 1 film.

Golden Beggar Award 4/09/19
International Festival of Local Televisions. We encourage you to enter your films/programmes into competition for the Golden Beggar Award in one of the three competition sections – Local Televisions, Production Companies, Young Authors.  We expect entries that reflect the lives and fates of people living where you live. We also welcome works that uncover serious problems of present-day society, such as refugees, terrorism, corruption, blackmail, minority and cross-border problems and the fate of children.

1. The film presented must be one minute long,10sec. titles +60sec.film without editing. 2. The work must be shot in one frame. Shots cannot be cut, combined or mixed into one (chroma key is not allowed). 3. Multiplication in animation is not against the rules as it is a production technique. However direct editing, cuts in different scenes (close up – middle, etc) are not allowed. 4. The titles must be 10 seconds long and must be placed at the beginning of one minute film. Besides original language, English subtitles are required. 5. The author is free to express his/her ideas and views in any form and genre.
Croatian One Minute Film Festival 4/14/19
Do you find one-minute film form challenging, interesting and creative? You have always wondered what can be filmed in only one minute? Send us your films and be part of the global one-minute magic. We hope you’ll be able to be our guests personally during 26th CROATIAN ONE-MINUTE FILM FESTIVAL. You’re kindly requested to inform all your friends and people you know who might be interested in making one-minute films and participating at our festival.
Reel Asian Film Festival(Canada) 4/14/19 * Note: early deadline has no submission fee
A showcase dedicated to contemporary Asian cinema and media arts from Asia, North America and all over the world. We invite you to submit new independent films and videos of all genres by and/or about East, South and Southeast Asians.We welcome films and videos of all genres, including but not limited to: narrative, documentary, short, animation, experimental, etc. DVD submission or link to online screener.
The Auburn Indie Student Film Festival 4/14/19
Must currently enrolled in a college or university. Must be under 7 minutes long (any category/genre). One submission per person. Submit to aunewmediaclub@gmail.com AS A VIMEO LINK.

BUSTER Film Festival for Children and Youth(Denmark) 4/15/19
Denmark’s largest film festival for children and youth BUSTER directs its attention towards both schools and families. Films aimed at children and youth (age 3-16) are eligible, and we accept both fiction features, short films and documentaries. We do not accept films made by children or as part of a school project.

Golden Apricot International Film Festival(Armenia) 04/15/19
We welcome films representing diverse ethnic groups, religions, and nations that depict the human experience, daily lives of people, both ordinary and extraordinary, their troubles and joys, as they try to find meaning in a changing world, struggling to redefine themselves in a world that recognizes fewer and fewer boundaries.

NAFF: Neum Animated Film Festival 4/15/19
Festival has two parts: Working part of festival where children can learn animation techniques and make their own cartoons and Competition part of festival where cartoons from all over the world are presented. Cartoon selection is done by children who attend the Working part of festival. They also make decisions about all awards except for Jury award.

International Short Film Festival of Bueu(Spain) 4/15/19
All kind of short films can participate in the festival, irrespective of genres (except documentaries). Works will not be more than 30 minutes long. Those short films whose language is different of Spanish or Galicien must be subtitled in one of them or in English.Participants can present the number of works that they want. (shortfilmdepot)

New Zealand International Film Festival 04/18/19
NZIFF presents a non-competitive, invited season of new films in a wide variety of styles and genres. To demonstrate the development of the art and contribute to a knowledge of new styles and trends in filmmaking. NZ/AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC ISLANDS DEADLINE

Xsection Film Festival 4/30/19
Xsection: A Dance and Science Film Festival sparking interdisciplinary collaboration between dance – science – film. The methodologies of scientific research and dance creation are abstract. Films can document visual forms and create a tangible record of these concepts. The vision of XSFF is to archive the expression of current scientific findings and instigate with dancemakers on topical scientific issues – space exploration – medical advancements- fundamental principles. The platform is open to interpretation as long as artists are collaborating across disciplines of science and dance. A night of interdisciplinary mingling.

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 4/30/19
The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN) is presented by the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Organizing Committee and hosted by the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Executive Committee. Feature Films and Shorts. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller.

Turku Animated Film Festival 4/30/19
We are looking for original, bold, uncompromising & inventive animated shorts under 30 minutes to compete for Grand Prix, Best Professional Film, Best Student Film, Tough Eye award and Audience award. In addition, the festival programme consists of a seductive selection of carefully selected special programme screenings, workshops, discussions, exhibitions and escpecially parties. TAFF takes place in the hometown of the renowned Turku Arts Academy. Our venue is a beautifully restored old factory milieu by the River Aura in Turku, Finland.

Miscon International Short Film Festival(Missoula, Montana) 04/30/19
Our mission here at the MisCon International Short Film Festival is simple: to provide a rewarding place for innovative and creative beings from all over planet Earth to display their talents in the Art of Film making. Entries may be in any style, but they must be related in some fashion to the following genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, or Horror. Entries must be longer than 1 minute, and shorter than 30 minutes. DVD submission.

Curtas International Film festival(Portugal)  04/30/19
Note: only one free category- Take One (school films, until 30 minutes, by Portuguese film students, national or in film schools abroad).

Film Festival della Lessinia(Verona) 4/30/19
The theme of the Film Festival della Lessinia is: mountains and faraway lands. Eligible for the Festival are both films and videos (features, shorts, documentaries, animated films) that represent, emphasize, and encourage the understanding of social, linguistic, human, economic, environmental, natural, historical, and artistic realities pertaining to the mountains or to other lands far from urban centres, as well as of the traditions, customs, and habits of the people who live in the mountains and in other distant lands.

FAITO doc FESTIVAL(Italy) 4/30/19
The 10th edition of Faito Doc Festival theme is RHYTHM.“Now this is very profound, what rhythm is, and goes far deeper than words. A sight, an emotion, creates this wave in the mind, long before it makes words to fit it”. (Virginia Wolf) During the selection process of the movies related to that theme, priority will be given to filmmaker’s original point of view, to innovative techniques and to the creative and artistic interpretation given to the term rhythm, so difficult to define. What is rhythm? According to dictionaries, it is a regularly repeated pattern of changes, natural changes (such as the breath, the heartbeat, the waves of the sea…) or artificial changes (the tick of the clock, a ringtone…). The rhythm can also be found in art. Indeed, it defines the alternation of colors in a painting, the movements in a dance performance, the arrangement of note lengths in music and of words in poetry. Submission regulation: Each filmmaker or director cannot submit more than two movies. To submit a movie, entrants can: Send an e-mail to faitodocfestival@gmail.com with the VIMEO link of the movie, a short synopsis, and the technical specifications. (or can send by mail)